Research tells us whether what we believe will improve development actually makes the difference we expected. Research helps us understand how to do our jobs better. 

We hope to cooperate with our community to begin research in areas of mobility to answer questions like:

"Does more practice walking make better walkers or earlier walking?"

"If I give a small child the ability to move by themselves earlier, does it improve their lives?"

"Does early mobility make for better relationships between toddlers and their peers?"

"Does early mobility help children think better and earlier?"

"How does the use of smartphones and other screen devices effect development?"

"How do walkers and baby gear effect development?"

With answers to these and other questions we will better be able to advocate for the best therapy for each child to help them live full live filled with purpose. 

See our Facebook page for links to research in which we are currently participating.


Here are examples of amazing research projects around the globe that inspire us:

GoBabyGo! Dr. Galloway and colleagues are amazing! Check out their website. Their new programs for adults are also amazing, search the Gravity café too.