WonderLab is a provider of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services for children in the greater San Bernardino and Riverside county areas. We specialize in children with developmental delays due to a variety of diagnoses and accept most public and private insurances.  

Here are a few of the therapies we provide:


Physical Therapy

The ability to move is the basis for how we interact with our environment. We must move in order to explore, to play and to learn. Physical therapy teaches how to improve the way you move. We accomplish this by incorporating exercises into play.

WonderLab Occupational Therapy team

WonderLab Occupational Therapy team

Occupational Therapy

A child's occupation can also be defined as their life role. The role of a child is to be a son or daughter, a playmate, a friend. To wash their hands, get dressed and process all their senses are each a part of a child's role in their family life. Occupational therapists work with families and children on these skills through practice of the skills and also during play activities.


Speech therapy

To be able to speak and be understood, and to be able to decode sounds that are spoken to you are important tasks for everyone. Your speech therapist works on both parts of language, understanding and speaking, in order for a child to communicate in his or her environment. Speech therapists will also work on attention, interaction, thinking and swallowing. Speech therapists may work with baby sign language help a frustrated toddler to express himself. 

Rhonda and Shannon are a dynamic duo, set on changing the world one child at a time.
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Where we are located:

10431 Commerce Street, suite A, Redlands, Ca 92374